Excuse #3

Time to put another excuse out of the way.

Excuse #3- I don’t want to sacrifice ANYTHING so I am not. I am going to live life to the fullest.

I was watching  a reality TV show the other day and I saw a young man make that statement. The show is Downsized and it is on the WE Channel. The show is about a family who had a very good income and due to the economy they are forced to downsize and are struggling. This is the second marriage for both of the parents and they merged their families to now have a family of 9.

One of their sons is in high school and has high blood pressure and was told he needed to lose weight and exercise. He also wasn’t taking his medication for the high blood pressure. His brothers took him out running and he stopped along the way to buy himself a treat from the ice cream truck they were passing. This is where he made the statement above.

The truth is no matter what we do in live we make sacrifices in other areas to do it. For instance if you want to own a pet you give up some of the freedom to run around in the evenings after work because your pet needs walked/fed/played with. You make that sacrifice for the joy of owning a pet.

If you have children you sacrifice just being able to jump up and go out of town with your husband at the drop of a hat. The child is put first in your life and you do so willingly because you love that child.

So if you CHOOSE to not eat healthy you are CHOOSING to sacrifice your health and ultimately years on your life. It all comes down to what is important to you.  When I was overweight I made many sacrifices in order to be that way. I didn’t participate in family activities such as rock-climbing, hiking and playing basketball in the driveway. I pretended as if I didn’t mind taking the pictures while they did these things but the truth is I couldn’t physically keep up. I was sacrificing those moments and memories for the sake of foods that were killing me.

Are you making this excuse?


One response to “Excuse #3

  1. Good thoughts –
    Reminds of why I don’t have a pet!
    But when I did, I would just “pet” it –
    Poor old thing that she was….
    Time to update my mental files!

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