Thanks Carbtripper

I was on your blog on Sunday and found this wonderful video that discusses everything that I have been talking about for months but the speaker does a much better job of it than I do.  The thought of all of the pesticides and hormones in our foods continue to scare me. Cancer is rampant and children are getting sicker with new diseases daily and the government is doing nothing to protect our children. Watch this video and learn how other countries are refusing to allow these chemicals and hormones to be added to their foods. It makes you question why the United States isn’t speaking up too.

To see Ann’s wonderful blog you can go here.

I for one will be learning more about the food products that I am putting in my body. I am already buying my meat from a local farmer and he is licensed to sell meat that has not been given hormones and he feeds them unaltered grains as well.  I buy my produce as much as I can from local farms and can as much as I can. I think I need to expand my thoughts on eating even more healthier foods. This has opened my eyes even more.


3 responses to “Thanks Carbtripper

  1. LOVE it!
    It’s eye-opening…. the truth …. the lies….
    and the people (and plates) somewhere in between!

  2. And thanks for the shout -out!
    Love your blog!

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