My Ashley Furniture Experience

I try to be positive on here but sometimes a woman just has to vent. Almost 3 weeks ago Mike and went to Ashley Furniture and bought a new dining room table. We took out the extra insurance on it to replace the table for up to 5 years if it becomes damaged. The salesman- Joey- promised me that it would be here within 2 weeks and it was. He said that we could save some money by picking up the table ourselves.  Mike has a huge truck so he agreed to pick the furniture up.

When he got there the men put the box in the truck for Mike and they put it in top up in the truck. When Mike got home he opened the box while still in the truck and found that the top of the table was damaged.  It was impossible that Mike damaged the table.

Mike called them and got the run around and in the end he took the table back to the warehouse. The men there said that they were going to try to repair the table first and if we weren’t satisfied that they would replace the table under our warranty.  He did not agree to this and called me at work. I called Ashley Furniture and spoke with a woman who said the manager would call me.

I never got the call from the manager and finally I called her back. Her response to me was the man in the warehouse said my husband told them that he had damaged the table in transit and had agreed to have it repaired. That NEVER happened.  She told me to call the warehouse tomorrow and said the man at the warehouse knew that he was supposed to have called me.

I will definitely call them tomorrow. As much as we paid for this table we deserve a new table that is not damaged. I am furious. My daughter is coming tomorrow to visit and we have no table. At this rate I doubt that I will have one by Thanksgiving and dinner is at my house this year. I have 8 beautiful new leather chairs sitting here and no table for them to go around. The chairs came from a different store so I know they are damage free.

Have any of you ever bought anything through Ashley Furniture and had them do the right thing? I had been warned by people at work not to buy from them but after going to many stores they were the only one that had a table that we both liked. I feel totally abused by this company at this point. First they give me a damaged table and then they lie about it.

8 responses to “My Ashley Furniture Experience

  1. I’ve never purchased anything from Ashleys and from the sounds of it, I never will. That is certainly NOT the way to do business!!

  2. What a nightmare! I hope that they do the right thing for you tomorrow…

  3. We have never purchased anything from Ashley, but a couple of friends have. Their experiences were both very bad. One ended in threats of a lawsuit. Ashley was at fault. They ended up returning…yes…a dining set.

  4. You may have to threaten small claims court or a call to the attorney general in your state–are they a member of the better business bureau in your state? file a complaint there–or did you pay with a credit card–if so–you can get them involved and they can resolve things like this to your satisfaction–thats why I always pay with a credit card anymore–they really come thru with things like this-my dil paid for her wedding dress and didnt ever get them to do the alterations to her satisfaction and I told her about the credit card thing–she got them involved and got her money back and got another dress in time for the wedding!

  5. I’m sorry you have to go through this. I’ve never bought from Ashleys, because I heard bad things about them in the past. Hope everything gets cleared up soon.

  6. a friend of mine did buy a table and chairs. They waited 3 weeks for delivery. Ended up getting the wrong table. In the end the correct one was delivered and I think they knocked $200.00 off the deal for having to wait again for the correct table.

  7. We purchased a beautiful living room set in June, it is only 7 months old and the cushions on the sofa are going flat, we use the love seat just as much and the cushions are fine. We also took out insurance and was told that it normal wear. It’s not like we are huge people to flatten the cushions. I also got no wear with the store. Very disappointed and WILL NEVER BUY FROM ASHLEY AGAIN. And I will also will tell family and friends!!!!!

    • I am so sorry that your experience was bad. I have heard so many horror stories since I bought my table from them. 😦

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