Excuse #5

Another excuse to dispel. We really have to remove excuses from our minds and our vocabulary because once you say it you are claiming it. Lets put excuses out of our lives. Obtaining a healthy mind and body is possible. You just have to take the mindset that I can instead of I can’t.

Excuse #5- I am too old to change now. I have been eating/living this way for so long now that it is too late for me.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

One of my favorite quotes is from CS Lewis.

I have an aunt in Mississippi who is in her 70s and a couple of years ago she decided to get healthy and she made the necessary changes to accomplish this. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and is enjoying life. She still works and she travels quite a bit. I love her spunk and determination. Despite losing her husband of more than 50 years she didn’t let it stop her. She knows that she will see him again and until that time she is living life and getting everything out of that she can.

I want to be like her. I want to live my life to the fullest and never stop learning and experiencing new things. I can only do that if I am healthy in both mind and body. Lets do this together. We CAN do this!!


One response to “Excuse #5

  1. Love it! That’s where you got your spunk from!

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