Trick or Treat

How did everyone do with all of the treats available this past week? I managed to avoid them all. I did go trick or treating with Caleb and my daughter-in-laws family on Monday. Trick or treating in a rural area requires a truck, blanket and buckets.  I had never experienced anything like this and was amazed at all of the squealing and laughter from all of the kids.

First everyone piles into the back of a truck.The entire family goes along for the ride. There were three generations in the back of the truck.

They don’t carry the buckets to the doors. They have smaller pumpkins or burlap bags. When the bags and pumpkins get full they dump it into the bucket in the back of the truck.

Caleb was scooby doo this year. He was so happy with his costume. It is hard to believe that he is so tall for only 3. sniff sniff.  It is getting difficult to pick him up lately. I need to work out more.

His Uncle Brandon was a prison escapee.

It wouldn’t be a family picture fest without pictures of animals too. Caleb’s great aunt Carrie has 3 Boston Terriers that are so cute. I leave you with the cuteness. Although I think Caleb is cuter. haha


3 responses to “Trick or Treat

  1. Love it – especially the Paris Hilton costume!

  2. Cute pictures. . .of kids and pets. I did very well as always with the candy thing. I never buy candy that I love. . lol. Since this was the first year in my condo, I didn’t know what to expect. So I bought plenty. Didn’t have the first trick or treater!! So I sent the candy home with my grandkids.

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