Excuse #6

Good morning. It is Monday so it is time for another excuse to dispel.

Excuse #6- I can’t eat low carb because I don’t know how to cook!

Really? Really? I heard this excuse twice this past week. First of all EVERYONE can cook. You simply choose not to cook. If you are making this excuse you simply are choosing to continue down the path that you have been going. Cooking isn’t difficult. It can be enjoyable if you choose it to be.

You don’t have to spend your life cooking daily either. I don’t. For your lunches you can make a large recipe and divide it into single portions and freeze it. Each day grab one and take it to work with you. Heat it in the microwave. I can easily cook once and have enough meals for 2 weeks of lunches for work. If you have one serving of something left over from dinner put it in a single serving container and add it to your freezer stash of meals. This allows you to mix it up if you don’t want the same thing for lunch everyday.

Not being able to cook isn’t a viable excuse. Even when we had to remodel our kitchen after losing it during a huge water leak I still cooked. I used crock-pots and my outdoor grill.  You can do it. You have to want to make the change.

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