Thanksgiving Suggestions

With the holiday only 11 days away I thought I would offer some suggestions to feed the masses and still stay on target for eating low carb. The holidays are not an excuse to go overboard. The holidays are really about being thankful and spending time with those that you love.  Now I know that you aren’t going to stop having the holiday dinner just because you are a Diabetic but lets look at possible options for mealtime.



Side Dish:


These suggestions should keep you on track and happy during the holiday season whether you serve turkey or ham. I haven’t decided which we are having here yet. I am leaning towards turkey here.


4 responses to “Thanksgiving Suggestions

  1. What an AWESOME LIST! This is great, you are so helpful and generous :).

  2. Great! Thank you for making this so easy for us! Great suggestions and appreciate the links to each recipe as well.

  3. Love this post! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas, recipes, and encouraging words. 🙂

  4. You ladies are so awesome and are making my head swell. I appreciate each and every one of you. 🙂

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