Excuse #7

Since I have been getting some positive feedback on the excuses post here is another.

Excuse #7- I can’t eat this way because I don’t like vegetables!

HMMM? Can you see my head spinning around completely? I heard this one this week too.  The fact is desserts taste better than vegetables. I will agree with you on this one. That doesn’t mean to completely write off all vegetables. If you begin eating healthy you will actually get used to the taste of vegetables.  That doesn’t mean that you will prefer them to desserts but you will be satisfied with them.

Try starting out small.  Make a stir fry that has your favorite meat in it and add a bit of a vegetable. If it has a marinade or a sauce on it you can disguise the vegetables. Make a casserole and add a bit of a vegetable in with it. When you make the low carb enchilada add some spinach to it.  With all of the flavor of the sauce and cheese you won’t even notice the spinach is there.

After a while you will be able to eat them on the side without being disguised.  If I am eating vegetables that I don’t absolutely love I try to eat them quickly and then move onto the other items on my plate that I do love. That way the wonderful flavor is the one that I leave the table with and not the bland one.

Try choosing vegetable recipes that have cheese or bacon or both in it. I believe most things taste better with cheese or bacon. My son-in-law calls bacon meat candy and I have to agree. 🙂

I found another quote on pinterest that I think applies to this excuse. I will leave you today with this thought.


3 responses to “Excuse #7

  1. One day I’ll grow up, but I’m still in the hiding-the-vegetables phase. Or the eat-the-vegetables-before-everything-else phase. Your advice really does work, though. If I take a meat-based dish that I like and throw in some vegetables I feel so-so about, the vegetables will automatically taste better, and I’ll feel better about the dish being healthier.

  2. I don’t ever plan on growing up on most things. On Saturday, my grandson Caleb said, “Mawmaw, when you grow up do you want to be a farmer like me?” hahaha Even a 3 year old knows I am not grown up. hahaha

  3. Bacon makes errything better – well, almost!

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