My Table From Ashley Furniture

Do you recall my telling you about what was going on with Ashley Furniture here?  Well let me tell you the rest of the story. I am warning you now this will be long and it has nothing to do with low carb or losing weight.

It took me 2 days to finally get through to the manager of the warehouse. The woman answering the phone there kept hanging up on me and telling me she would have him call me but yet she never gave me the opportunity to give her my phone number. I finally was able to get through to him and he was the rudest most condescending man I have ever spoken to.

He kept lying to me and telling me that Mike had damaged the table and that the top of the table faced down in the box. He kept telling me that my husband was a liar and that I could come to the warehouse and see the videotape that would prove it. I told him that I knew my husband was telling me the truth and that the table was facing top up in the box. The man kept speaking to me in a derogatory way and said that he didn’t have to even repair the table but that they were going to be kind and do it anyway.

I spoke to the corporate office and was told that the manager was telling them that Mike had damaged it and that the table faced down in the box. I told them that their manager was lying and they said that I would have to deal with the warehouse manager that they were going to stay out of it.

The manager told me that they had a man who could repair the table and I would never be able to tell that it had been damaged. He said that he would call me the next week and I could come get it and it would look ‘perfect’. Well they did call  2 weeks later and told me it was ready to picked up. Mike went and the table was a mess. The manager told Mike he had already gotten onto the repair man for calling us when it obviously was not “perfect”.

They told Mike again that it would be ready in 1 week and that they would call us.  They finally called us close to 2 weeks later and told us to come and get it. Mike went and the table was still a mess and obviously not “perfect”.  They told Mike that they would give us a new table at this point. They brought out a box that said, “Do Not Open” in ink on the top and told Mike to sign accepting the table  “AS IS”.

Mike went out to his truck and got a box cutter before he would sign the paper and opened the box. The table was fine and Mike accepted it. This is what I want you to see.

Do you see the arrow showing them to load the box arrow up? Do you see the top of the table is facing up in the box just like Mike said it was? The manager of the warehouse lied to us and to his corporate office and treated us like scum of the earth for a month. He should be removed from his position.

Mike brought the table home and we put it in our dining room. I bought this table because I loved it. Now when I see it I am reminded of how badly we were treated and how badly the manager made us feel and how disrespectfully he spoke of the man I have been married to for almost 20 years.

We wanted a farm table because when we move to the new house on the farm it will fit the decor we have planned perfectly. The new house will have 5 extra rooms that we don’t have in our present home. We had already picked out new furniture for the living room and Mike’s office from Ashley Furniture but there is no way we will EVER purchase anything from them again.

Now I look at this table and am reminded of the nightmare of the last month. I will have to make new memories around this table and am grateful that I did receive it before Thanksgiving.  For the last month I have been battling insomnia and if you have been following me on Facebook you know that in the last 10 days it has gotten really bad. I put half of the blame on Ashley Furniture causing me so much stress.

I have house guests arriving tomorrow and they will be here for a week. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner here and am also having family game night at my home this week. I NEEDED this table.

So what do you think of my table? Do you think it was worth the tears and sleepless nights that the employees of Ashley Furniture put me through? I am going to try to let it go and make my new memories. This table seats 8 without the leaf in it but with the leaf I can easily get 10 around it. These pictures are without the leaf.  I just need my children to give me many more grand-babies so that I can fill it up. 🙂

5 responses to “My Table From Ashley Furniture

  1. It is a LOVELY table! Whether it was worth your grief only you could know but I believe that someday it will carry all good memories for you and for your present and future grandchildren!

  2. I will never even look at Ashley furniture’s products. That is a horrible situation they put y’all in. And then to call your husband a liar. Terrible!!! Try to look at your table in the positive. . .it is actually quite lovely. Look at it as persistence that paid off and you got the table of your dreams because you never gave up. Maybe one day you can even laugh about it. . .WAY down of the road, of course.

    Lori S.

  3. You should contact the BBB. There is no reason anyone should be treated that way. I’m glad you got a new table out of the whole thing though. I would have gotten my money back and gone elsewhere, but I will make sure to never buy a thing from them, in your honor.

  4. Love the table….admire your persistence and love your table runner…did you make it or buy it ….have a friend who would love this!!

    • Thank you. I bought the table runner at Big Lots a few days after I had ordered the table so that had to have been in September. Not bad for $4. huh? haha. We are enjoying the table and are creating very good memories around it. I am still reminded daily of the ordeal but the pain of it is getting less. I will still NEVER trust Ashley Furniture Store again.

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