Excuse #8

Excuse #8. This one is a big one. Get ready for it. Here it comes.

“I don’t have to eat healthy today because it is Thanksgiving and I deserve to splurge!”

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Diabetes doesn’t go away just because it is a holiday. Strokes don’t stop happening just because it is a holiday.  We all look forward to the holidays and it never goes “perfect” like it does in our heads. We juggle more stress during the holidays and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Now throw into it having your glucose levels soaring on top of the stress you are creating a recipe for disaster.

Uncontrolled Diabetes leads to stroke, heart attacks, blindness, possibility of amputation, etc… Is gorging yourself on high carb foods for one day really worth it?  You can have a wonderful holiday, eat delicious low carb foods and enjoy being with your loved ones and stay on target.

Remember if you cheat once it is harder for you to get back on the bandwagon. You know the right thing to do and you are strong enough to do it.


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