Excuse #9

It is Monday so to begin a new week we get another excuse out of the way and get down to facts as to why eating healthy is important and possible for you.

Excuse #9- I already blew it with breakfast and ate XYZ so I might as well just eat what I want today and start over tomorrow.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Just because you blew it for one meal and now your glucose is through the roof does NOT mean that you should continue to push yourself towards an early stroke for the rest of the day.

Exercise and drink water and get back with the program.  You need to get that glucose back down to a level that you can live with. Because in the end we are doing this to live life. Not just watch it. We want to LIVE!


One response to “Excuse #9

  1. I find this so much harder with low-carb than low-calorie. If I eat something sugary on a low-calorie diet, I think, “Well, if I stop now, I still have such-and-such calories left over for the day and will still be on track.” With low-carb, I’m like, “Well, I’m out of ketosis now, so I might as well go crazy! Whoo-hoo!” But I know you’re right.

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