Excuse #10

It is time for Mondays excuse.

Excuse #10- Insulin was created for me to be able to eat whatever I want.

Can you believe that I have actually heard people say this? Having a blood glucose that constantly spikes up and down is very hard on your body. Having high glucose levels can damage your heart,  blood vessels and kidneys. It can lead to blindness and often leg amputation.

Now many people will always have to take insulin no matter how well they eat. My sister is one of these people. She is a type 1 Diabetic and on insulin. She eats very low carb, is very thin and does everything that has been asked of her. She is what is often called a Brittle Diabetic.

Type 2 Diabetics like myself often have an easier time controlling their Diabeties but not always. That doesn’t mean that you should just eat all of the high carb sugary items and expect to just take the insulin to keep your levels down. If you can control your Diabetes with diet and exercise by all means you should try. Your body will thank you and you will live longer and remain more active longer.


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