Excuse #12

Did anyone else watch Biggest Loser’s season finale this past week? They showed a preview for the new season that starts in January. The theme of this next season is NO EXCUSES. I heard the new contestants giving their excuses for why they haven’t done anything about their weight loss  and I had to laugh because we have already discussed those excuses here. 🙂

So lets not waste any time and just get to another excuse to debunk.

Excuse #12- I can’t eat healthy because my kids won’t eat it. They just want fast food from (insert name of restaurant) and they will go hungry if I don’t buy it.

The truth is we love the convenience of just running through a restaurant and not actually taking the time to grocery shop, prepare the meal, sit down and eat and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. We work hard all week and running through for fast food is an easy fix for the hunger but not for the healthy body.

Feeding children fast food is not healthy and as parents we have a responsibility to make sure that they are given foods that nourish and help it grow to be strong. Taste is acquired. If you choose to eat healthy after doing so for about a year you will notice the things that you ate before don’t taste as good as you recalled them tasting. You will suddenly be aware of the oils and staleness of things you previously loved.

This goes for children too.  They will grow to like healthy foods if they are given these things on a regular basis. Just yesterday Caleb was over visiting and I made chimichungas and was a bit worried about how he would like them. He looked at it and said, “I don’t like that.” I told him he had to try 2 bites of it. He bartered for 1 bite but I stood my ground and enforced the 2 bite rule. Guess what? He loved it. He ate almost an entire chimichunga all by himself.

Since I started this journey I have introduced Caleb to food that to me seemed unusual because I hadn’t grown up eating these items.  He is a very well balanced kid and enjoys asparagus or blueberries with coconut milk over them.  That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get the occasional fast food but he doesn’t feel that he has to have it at every meal.  By changing our habits we also change the habits of others in the home.

The bottom line is if you only buy healthy food that is what will be eaten.  You may have some complaining at first but stick to your ground and it will work out in the end.


One response to “Excuse #12

  1. At the end of the day, there really are no excuses that matter, or are good enough! Great info!

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