Harry and Kathleen

I want to tell you about an amazing love story. My Uncle Harry and Aunt Kathleen have always been such positive role models for me. They have been married approximately 55 years to each other and never at any time during these years have I ever seen them divided or have a negative thing to say about the other.

Harry is a Type 1 Diabetic and Kathleen was always so careful to make sure that he had exactly what he needed, ate at certain times and stayed on program. Recently Harry has been having some pretty big health problems but Kathleen has always been by his side.

Kathleen has always been very healthy and made sure that Harry was taken care of and fulfilled her role of wife and mother very well.  Now she has been diagnosed with Dementia and Harry is taking care of her. My mother was telling me how sad this was and while I was thinking that yes it is sad, I will always remember Kathleen smiling and supportive and looking at Harry with love.  It is also a wonderful testament of what love is supposed to be.

I try to follow Kathleen’s example and to be as supportive to my husband but I in no way can do the task as well as she has. She is an awesome lady and Harry has been a giving husband and father and loves his family with all of his heart.

A few years ago they were both delivering food for meals on wheels. They have been very active in their church and in their community.  They have given as much as they can and in return are cherished by their friends and family.  I will always think of them with love and being the shining stars that they are.  They epitomize what love is all about.


One response to “Harry and Kathleen

  1. AWESOME story! I love hearing about it when Love really works!

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