I Hope You Dance

When my children were in high school I decided to go back to college. I was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone and returning at my age seemed so difficult. My daughter gave me a CD of this song by Leanne Womack and said that I should always take the chance and that she hoped that I  danced.  I will always think of her and her encouragement when I hear this song.

This song can be applied to all of us in any area where we need to take the courage we have inside and just dance. If you want to lose weight-Just Dance. If you want a new career- Just Dance.  You want a healthier body- Just Dance.

What one thing are you wanting to change in 2012? You can do it.



2 responses to “I Hope You Dance

  1. Love it – and Happy happy holidays to you and yours!!!
    Loved this year… and can’t wait for the next!

    • Same here. I hope that everyone has a blessed holiday. Next year will be AMAZING. That is Caleb’s new favorite word. 🙂

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