Getting a Jump Start on a Healthy You in 2012

For the month of January I will be offering daily suggestions for meals that will be less than 10 carbs for the main entree and 15 carbs for the total meal. With so many people making New Years Resolutions of becoming healthier this may offer you suggestions on way to lose weight and control your glucose levels.

Remember to use your glucometer to test your levels. What works for my metabolism may not work for yours. Just because something doesn’t spike me doesn’t mean that it won’t spike you.  Remember to test yourself 2 hours after the beginning of the meal.

For beginners I will share what I did to lose the weight.  I ate 3 meals a day with at least 4 hours between each meal and 4 hours between dinner and bedtime.  I did have snacks occasionally but these were not enjoyed daily.

Starting tomorrow I will be sharing the daily meal suggestions. If you have any questions you can ask here or join us over on my Facebook page.  You can find me by searching for Grace2882 or look to the left and click on it there to get to me.

Remember to consult your physician before beginning any diet change. If you are taking insulin or medication for your Diabetes you may have a sharp drop in your glucose levels and your physician needs to know this before you start a new program.  I am not a doctor and I am only sharing what worked for me. You will need to follow your physician’s suggestion for you.


2 responses to “Getting a Jump Start on a Healthy You in 2012

  1. Grace, I am really looking forward to these. I am a diabetic, and insulin dependent, so I’ll have to be very careful. Thank you so much for doing this!


    • Don’t forget to monitor your levels if you cut down on the carbs that you are eating. Also get your doctor’s approval. You may need to adjust your insulin intake. I am glad that you are sticking with this. Are you type 1 or type 2 Diabetic?

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