Meal Suggestion #4

This is day 4 so by now you have probably noticed that your breathe could take out a small village.  haha. This is why I buy Orbit gum in bulk from Amazon. Check out my store to the side to order your own. I am NEVER without a pack in my purse and one in my office desk. It really doesn’t matter which diet that you are on. If you are losing weight your breath will be horrid.  Trust me. You will get through this. 🙂

Meal Suggestion #4.

Total net carbs- 9

What? There isn’t a dessert- You don’t need a dessert with each meal. Trust me!! 🙂


One response to “Meal Suggestion #4

  1. I chewed a tone of sf gum when I first did lc…
    Incredible phenomena of dieting!

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