Meal Suggestion #16

Who needs a comfort meal? Sometimes when it really cold outside and I have a hectic schedule for the week I want comfort food. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be healthy and low carb. Just about anything can be modified to be low carb with a few minor changes. This is one of those meals.

Meal Suggestion #16:

Total carbs for meal- 8

When I eat this I like to have a mixture of mayonnaise and 1 carb ketchup to dip my meatloaf in. If you are using condiments with your meals be sure to add those carbs into your final carb count. My dip would add an extra 2 carbs.


4 responses to “Meal Suggestion #16

  1. Nice blog about eating so healthy! How do i access the recipies?

  2. The cauliflower dish looks so good. I’m going to try it. I wonder if my kids will eat it?

    • I suggest cutting the cauliflower small like macaroni and then perhaps you can sneak it past them. haha I know my son and daughter would love this recipe. 🙂

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