Lunch Box Idea #28

Everyday at work I see so many people not planning for their lunch and then they either go without lunch or they grab unhealthy options from fast food restaurants. Packing your lunch and planning ahead isn’t difficult. It just takes planning.

With my work I am constantly on my feet and moving and I love it. I get my exercise without having to go to a gym and I don’t feel exhausted when I come home. I actually have MORE energy than I did when I had a sedentary job. I feel so much better.  The problem that I had last week at work was that I was so busy that I lost 4 pounds.  For someone maintaining and not needing to lose weight I had to increase my carb count and take additional snacks to work this week. I thought that I would share my journey with you. Be warned this will be picture heavy.

First I made Porcupine Meatballs for my lunch. That recipe was shared on Wednesday of this week. I bought these snap-lock containers that have dividers in them for my work. I LOVE these things. When I have enough left overs for one person I throw them into one of these and put it in the freezer. Then I simply throw it in my lunch box for work the next day.

I just lined up my containers on the counter and filled them with meatballs and green beans.

In my lunch box I added a morning snack of low carb yogurt, and an afternoon snack of Almond Thins and Havarti Cheese. For my lunch I had Porcupine Meatballs, Green Beans, Fresh Pineapple and Lime Coconut Dessert that I shared on Facebook. I added A&W Rootbeer to the bag as well. This way I have all of my snacks and my lunch ready for me. Cook once and eat for 5 days.


4 responses to “Lunch Box Idea #28

  1. Lime coconut dessert! You posted the recipe on facebook, did you happen to post here?

    Love the containers! Question: after you’ve defrosted (& cooked) the green beans…you refreeze them, when you defrost, aren’t they gummy or mushy soft? Thanks Grace!

    • I didn’t post it on here. You can find it over on facebook under my photos for food on the blog.

      I don’t start with frozen green beans and then cook. I am using the green beans that I canned in jars last summer. I am putting them in the container and then freezing. They do not get mushy. They are the same texture as when I canned them.

  2. Can I ask where you got your containers, they look perfect for packing
    lunch or even leftovers.

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