Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate

Are you craving Chocolate? In the winter this is one of the ways that I can have chocolate and also stay warm. On Saturday Caleb came over for the day and we both had Hot Chocolate. He keeps calling it cocoa. 🙂 He loves it so I sent some home with him in his goodie bag he takes home with him each time that he comes.  When you are buying the Hot Chocolate be sure to get the one that is pink and says Diet on it. The one that is also pink and says Sugar Free is higher in carbs. Only the one that says Diet is only 4 carbs per serving.

I can usually find this at Kroger but there have been times that it has been difficult for me to find. So if you can’t find it in your stores I have added it to my store on the front page.  You can find it here.

2 responses to “Swiss Miss Diet Hot Chocolate

  1. I once craved this stuf… but I just don’t like the Aspartame. I am trying to get some made up in Truvia or Stevia. And some 100% dark.
    I’ll have to leave it to the experts to come up with the magic.

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