Honeyville Almond Flour

I want to discuss Almond flours. There is a big difference between the different brands. A poster on this blog introduced me to Honeyville Almond Flour and I am so glad that she did.  For those that don’t use almond flour let me explain what it is. Almond flour is ground almonds that will replace the use of flour in many recipes. Once almonds are ground they will feel like flour between your fingers. It is very soft and smooth.

For years I used the almond flour that was made by Bob’s Red Mills because I could find it locally at Drug Emporium. Once I took the challenge and bought the Honeyville Almond Flour I won’t be going back to the other brands. Baked goods that I use the Honeyville Almond Flour turn out more like regular baked items.

The Honeyville Almond Flour is sold in bulk and it freezes well. Once I did the math the Honeyville brand was actually cheaper per pound than the brand I could find in Kroger. The bottom line is taste and texture to me and Honeyville is more superior in every way. I am providing the link to my Amazon store where I get my Honeyville Almond Flour but also pay attention the Honeyville website because at times they offer specials. I have always paid for shipping when I purchased from the Honeyville website but I never pay for it through Amazon. Purchase from which ever website gives you the better deal.

Honeyville Almond Flour from my webstore.

2 responses to “Honeyville Almond Flour

  1. Thanks for the info Grace! I was actually looking into buying some of the Rob’s brand but it’s like $13.99 here! UGH! I use Trader Joe’s brand ($3.99) but i’m willing to pay a bit more for better quality. I just know my baked goods will come out better. Thanks again!

    • I am sorry that it took me so long to answer. I will never go back to any other brand. It is more flour like in texture.

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