Diabetes and Health Insurance

When I started on my new adventure in February I had a bit of a bad experience with  getting my health insurance started. I had applied for health insurance with a company that I had a year ago where I was working and had for several years. I had loved that insurance and it would allow me to continue with my current physicians. I was told on the phone that I was approved for the insurance but when I received the paperwork I was told only my husband was approved and I was denied due to having Diabetes. I immediately called them and was told in WV that anyone with Diabetes was automatically denied for insurance. It didn’t even matter if the person was controlling their Diabetes by diet and exercise.

Well I thought I was destined to never get health insurance on my own after reading the list of medical conditions for WV that states anyone with Diabetes can be automatically denied health insurance if they are obtaining it on their own.

My wonderful husband spent one afternoon calling insurance companies in WV and finally found one willing to consider offering me coverage. When I spoke with them they said they couldn’t make any promises but if they investigated and found that I was indeed able to control my Diabetes with diet and exercise they would consider it but legally they could deny me. While I was on the phone with them I provided the link to this blog and invited them to read my story.

They contacted me and asked for one form to be completed by my doctor and I am happy to report that they did cover both Mike and myself and they didn’t raise my monthly premiums either. I am now paying less for my insurance than I was paying at my previous job by getting insurance through my employer. The coverage was also much better and I get to keep my same physicians. Yay!!!!

My new insurance is through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. Does your state have the rule that you can be denied insurance for having Diabetes without even looking to see if you are healthy and controlling it in a very healthy way? I am so glad that Highmark was willing to take a chance on me. I enjoy my work. It is very fulfilling and I enjoy going to work each day. Being able to get health insurance has held me back for so long. Now I have the best of both worlds. I am able to do contract/consulting work, help people and protect myself with excellent health insurance. 🙂



3 responses to “Diabetes and Health Insurance

  1. Congrats on that victory! Phew – what a weight off your shoulders.

  2. I have Highmark BC/BS too, they are pretty easy to work with, my husband is a retired state worker and the insurance picked me up when we got married.

    • I hope that my experience is good with them too. They have been very nice to work with so far. Your words are encouraging! 🙂

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