Samantha’s Baby Shower

On Saturday we had Samantha’s baby shower and it was a joyous event. So many people attended to show their love for Samantha and little Isaiah. We welcomed for people to bring their children with them and it was so great to see them playing under the tables and squealing with laughter.

Have you ever tried to explain to a 3 year old what baby shower means? You get questions like, “Why does Samantha need help to take a bath?”  or “Where is the water? This isn’t a shower.” hahaha

Everyone worked so hard and donated their time and talents in order to pull this shower off. I wish that I had taken pictures of the food tables but we had 3 long tables pushed together to hold the meal choices and another for desserts.  We had turkey, broccoli casserole, rolls, every type of fruit imaginable, bacon stuffed cherry tomatoes, green beans, Havarti cheese and crackers, vegetable tray, cheese ball, strawberries that were stuffed with cream cheese and dipped in graham cracker crumbs and salad. I know that I am missing something and I apologize to anyone if I missed their item.

We had a dessert table and this is the shower cake. It isn’t what I had ordered but when I picked it up Saturday morning it was what I was stuck with but everyone that ate it said it was good and Samantha was very pleased with it.

Just before serving the cake I brought a Keylime Cheesecake out of the fridge for all of the Diabetics in the room. I counted 5 of us but there may have been more.

Of course there were gifts.

Samantha was so happy and smiled through the entire day. She was tired at the end of the day but so blessed.

Every baby needs a Spiderman Fishing Pole.

This shirt says, “Pick me up. I dig older chicks”

This was the box of baby items that I knitted for her and also forgot to take pictures of. I sewed cute little colored buttons on them to hold them on.

This onsie says, “I am with the band.” Samantha and Ben are in the church Praise and Worship Team and Samantha sings while Ben plays the guitar. He really is with the band. 🙂

Isaiah’s Daddy loves Spiderman so this was a basket just for him to share with the baby. There were 2 bowls, cups and placemats so he can have an early morning bonding moment with Isaiah while Mommy sleeps in. 😉

Thank you for sharing my lovely daughter’s special day with me!


6 responses to “Samantha’s Baby Shower

  1. Thank you for sharing Samantha’s day with us.
    She is so lucky to have you.

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I love the name Isaiah. I almost named Caleb that, but with a dog named Azalea and an older boy named Elijah, I thought it would be too confusing. I hope she has an easy labor and delivery and that he is a good sleeper. 🙂

    • I hope he is a good sleeper too. I am going to help her for the first two weeks. 🙂

      Samantha was a great sleeper but her brother didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3. Ugh!!

  3. It was such a perfect and special day. I loved every minute of it!

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