My New Sofa Table

If you are following me over on Facebook you have heard me talking about a sofa table that I have been working on. Well, I finished it this morning and I love it. I can’t get the pictures to show accurately how dark the highlights are but I am sharing them anyway. This is the before picture.

 This is the after picture.

From the first picture the table looked fine but on top it had a nasty water stain.

Now the top looks like this.

I found this for only $25 and I knew from looking at other blogs that I could make this beautiful with a little elbow grease.  The knobs were a shiny chrome and I knew that I would be making them a rubbed bronze by spray painting them.

 I am very pleased with the final outcome. I read many blogs on how to do this before I began. This blog post is what actually inspired me to try it.

My Romantic Home

I did the wood wax and one of the blogs that I read said not to sit anything on the table for at least two weeks so I have not decorated it yet. I hope to get big square baskets to go on the bottom of it. I already have the items that I want to sit on top and will try to remember to update with a picture of it decorated in 2 weeks. I just need to find the baskets. 🙂

I also want to find end tables to do this exact same color. 🙂


2 responses to “My New Sofa Table

  1. wow, the table came out really nice. I am waiting for you to post the recipe for the cauliflower/sausage casserole that you posted about last week. I am intrigued, it sounds good; I love your cauliflower cheese bake. Thank you.

    • I haven’t made the cauliflower recipe yet. Things got hectic with company and the shower. I have it on my list to make this coming week. I promise to move it up to get it posted as soon as we try it. 🙂

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