Easter Hiking

On Sunday Mike and I went hiking and Geocaching. We love the Barboursville City Park here in WV and have hiked it often but while geocaching we were introduced to a trail that we had no idea existed. This was an amazing workout and I can’t wait to do it all over again. We actually found a huge man made water tank that had goldfish in it in the middle of the woods really far from anything else in the park. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of them. However, I did get these.

We hiked about 40 minutes straight up hill and then another 80 going round and round the hillsides of WV. I love living in this state.

We found one geocache that we were looking for and this is the treasure that we found.

Last week I worked out at least 2.5 hours per day. I went hiking twice with a co-worker and on Friday we included her 5 year old in the hike. I was shocked how well he hiked and how he never gave up.  He was such an inspiration and I loved how inquisitive he was while we were out there.  On Friday he and I found this tree. It was amazing to me that we found this tree with rings of thorns on Good Friday. It took my breath away. One of my friends over on Facebook helped to identify this tree as a Honey Locust Tree. Isn’t this amazing?

Do these pictures make you want to get out and experience nature and start moving more? I hope so. I feel so much stronger since I have been working out. You can feel this way too.


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