More Hiking in Barboursville City Park

Mike and I hit the trails yesterday at the Barboursville City Park. There are more trails than we were aware of and we spent over 2 hours exploring new ones. We hiked 4.56 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes. We burned over 929 calories according to MapMyFitness. This is a wonderful application that you turn on when you start a trail or walk and using GPS it will record your speed, altitude, route and calories burned.

Mike and I had a wonderful time and we came back with so much energy. I love it when the endorphin kick in and I feel exhilarated.  I took some pictures to share. I love my new Motorola Photon. It has wonderful aps, fits in my back pocket and takes pretty good pictures. No more lugging my camera around when we hike. 🙂

This tree was about 65-70 feet high and was twisted and hollow like this all the way up. It was very unusual.

Last week I mentioned about finding goldfish in a tank in the middle of the woods. We intentionally went back to it so that I could get a picture. Isn’t this a great find?

Mike has a love for huge trees. He was really excited to find this one. I had him stand next to it so that you could see its true size.

When we came out of the woods after about 2 hours Mike climbed up on a rock to take a break for a minute.  Then we started the long trek back to the car on the main road as the trail we took yesterday didn’t circle back around.

I love our little walks in the park. I think hiking is really good for a marriage. You are all alone in nature and you have to work together to find your way back out again.  It is great exercise too but you are having so much that you don’t seem to notice. 🙂


2 responses to “More Hiking in Barboursville City Park

  1. Thanks to your post, I just downloaded the MapmyWalk app. I’ll use it tomorrow when I walk the dogs.

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