Table Decorated

I decorated the table top that I refinished and now I have the baskets to go under it.  All of my friends over on facebook voted for their favorite vase. If you aren’t with me over there you missed getting to see them all and vote.  I am currently going back and forth between two different vases. I like one and Mike likes another. If you want to see all of the tables you can find them on the link below.

Facebook photo album

Mike likes this one.

I like this one.

Mike and I are going antiquing in a few weeks and I hope to find end tables to antique to match this table and pretty square baskets to go on the bottom of this table. I love the table. 🙂

Here are the tables decorated with the baskets that Caleb helped me to find on Saturday.

Of course how can we possibly do anything with Max getting involved. You never see the other two hounds in the middle of the fray but Max is always faithful to be with his people. 🙂

We found the baskets at Simple Life in Culloden, WV and I knew that they would be a perfect fit for the table.  They are actually picnic baskets and inside each one you will find a tablecloth, 4 cloth napkins, 4 plates, 4 cups,  4 spoons, 4 forks, 2 serving bowls with lids and a ball that glows in the dark. We of course removed the balls immediately. 🙂

Now I need to find those pesky end tables that out there somewhere just waiting on me and my paint brush. 🙂


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