Taco Skillet

This recipe is a keeper and is excellent for taking to lunch. It takes approximately 20 minutes to make and you get 6 meals from it that are totally filling and will get you through the afternoon without needing a snack before dinner. It is really high in protein. I found this recipe at the following site and the only change that I made to it was that I added at least 2 cups of cheddar cheese instead of the 4 oz they recommended.

Taco Skillet


4 responses to “Taco Skillet

  1. Hi
    I found your blog few days ago. Glad I did. Now I’ll start making some of these recipes. My hubby was diagnosed w/diabetes ll while back. Been hearing so much what to eat and everyone has different opinions. I’m so confused. But I’d like to ask you a question please. I see lot of your recipes have lots red meats and eggs. Lot of Drs. say not eat much of it for will raise ones cholesterol. That is my question. Since you have started this way of life has your cholesterol gone up or changed to the good or bad? If you could please answer this I sure would appreciate it.

    • Welcome to the blog Karen. I applaud you for supporting your husband and asking questions. I have gotten healthier over the course of the last two years even though I am eating red meat and eggs. Within the last 2 years I have read many articles showing that eggs do not raise cholesterol after all. I suggest you get Dr. Bernstein’s Complete Diabetic Solution and read it and have your husband read it. I don’t follow it exactly but I prefer to let me glucometer guide me for what I eat. The book will explain why low carb eating red meats, high fat, eggs, etc… works and will make you healthier. Feel free to ask questions. I am not great at putting into words what works or explains it but I will try to lead you in the right direction. 🙂

  2. Thanks!
    I’ll look into the book. All of the recipes yummy. Do you know if other sugar subs can be used that don’t raise blood sugar that is natural? Agave, honey or maple?

    • I can’t personally use any of the ones that you mentioned without a spike. I am sorry. 😦 I tend to stick with Splenda.

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