What Really Causes Heart Disease

I read a very interesting article today that I just had to share. This is from a doctor’s point of view on how eating low fat and high carbohydrate foods has caused more damage to the heart. It also answered many questions that I have had regarding Statins being prescribed to lower cholesterol. You can find the article here.

What Really Causes Heart Disease


3 responses to “What Really Causes Heart Disease

  1. Thanks for that info Grace. Funny how the perception that eating low fat is good for us. Looking forward to the recipes from your menu for this week, but understand about you being so busy. Can’t wait for your “comeback”.

  2. Margie Andersen

    I was intrigued with the article as well and I wanted to print it out. While looking for it I learned he has lost his license for several reasons. Now I wonder about the integrity of the article.

    • I researched after viewing your post and have learned that the sites stating that he has lost his license are false. He is a board certified physician and many scholars support his beliefs. He has been on many reputable news shows since that one website stated he lost his license. I do believe that he is a certified physician. Look at the dates on these sites.
      Jimmy Moore’s Site

      Blog Radio

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