Baby Shopping

Yesterday Mike and I went to antique malls and flea market and I happened to find lots of baby things. Luckily Samantha doesn’t mind second hand clothing for little Isaiah so I scored really big. 🙂

He is due to make his grand entrance into this world in June and I can’t help but get more excited each day. When Mike and I got to Marietta, Ohio this morning we went to the Rinkydink Flea Market. There was a woman selling baby clothing at 50 cents per item and I had Mike hold his arms out while I filled them up. We scored with 36 outfits for Isaiah.

I had to buy these little shoes for him.  I got them all for $8.

They had bibs for 10 cents each so I bought 10.

We had to laugh when we found this little shirt. He may be born in Virginia but he will be a true Mountaineer if my daughter has anything to do with it.

These things for Isaiah were the only items that we bought yesterday. I mainly enjoyed the company of my husband and he gave me his undivided attention. That is something that his job seldom allows.  I truly enjoyed my day with my husband and preparing for our newest grandchild. I will keep you informed as to when he is about to be born. 🙂

Look to the side and you will see that he has his own category now just like Caleb. 🙂


2 responses to “Baby Shopping

  1. Adorable! I think I’m going to need more hangers…

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