Baby Burp Pads

How many times have you seen someone in public with a plain towel or cloth diaper thrown over their shoulder to use for a baby burp pad? About 20 years ago I saw a TV show called Carol Duvall and she had baby burp pads on there and I never forgot them. I made them for my daughter-in-law 4 years ago and again yesterday for my daughter. They fit perfectly over your shoulder and are much softer than a dish towel. Aren’t these much prettier to use in church or out in public than a plain cloth diaper?

Here are the step by step directions to make these. First take a newspaper and using the fold in the paper cut out this shape freehanded.

When you unfold it you should get something that resembles a dog bone.

Using this pattern unfolded cut 2 pieces of fabric and one piece of quilt batting. Place the fabric with right sides together.

Next place the quilt batting on top and pin together.

Sew around the edges but leave a gap that is not sewn approximately 4 inches wide.  I try to do it in the curve.

Reach into the center of the burp pad and pull it through the gap and then press out all of the corners and curves to form the burp pad.

Pin the opening closed making sure to tuck in all of the loose edges. Then sew closed.

It will then look like this.

Now add a border around edge to provide extra strength on the edges and to hold the quilt batting in place.

The center curve rests perfectly along your neck. I made the 2 darker plaid ones for my son-in-law Ben to use with Isaiah. I think these are so cute. Do you think she will need more than 6?


2 responses to “Baby Burp Pads

  1. Mary Ann Scott

    I used to make the for our family years ago and for gifts. I would buy the clear plastic like you buy on rolls for table cloths and put that in the middle before sewing so that it makes them water proof. It is especially nice to make a few that are dressy looking for moms to have on their shoulder when they are also dressed up.
    I even made some with a ruffle around the edge for baby girls.
    Enjoy that new grand.
    Mary Ann, TX

  2. Ahhh so cute and simple fast. Can’t wait make for my daughter n son when they have children. Not to mention for gifts too.

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