Saturday With Caleb

Last spring Caleb helped us to plant our flowerbeds and all winter he kept reminding me not to do it without him this spring.  On Saturday I got up early and went to Home Depot to buy my flowers. I also had to buy pepper plants again because this past week someone stole the pepper plants that Caleb helped me plant a month ago. They even stole my pretty markers that I had in the garden to identify what color pepper that plant was. I was not happy to discover that my plants were stolen. Later Saturday I found that my pretty ceramic garden marker that my children gave me more than 15 years ago had been stolen from my front flowerbed. It has been in my garden all of these years and now suddenly it is gone too.

Caleb helped us plant our flowers and for Mother’s Day he brought me this pretty dog planter for my driveway.

I first asked Caleb to stand next to the planter and then he insisted that I let him take a picture of me with the planter too.

Caleb had so much fun looking for empty snail shells. If they were empty he quickly put them in his pocket to show his mommy. It always surprises me what a little boy thinks of as a treasure.

After an hour all of the flowers were planted and we had time to relax and enjoy ice cream from the truck that came by. I have a small statue that I had planned on putting in the flowerbed but now I am afraid to. For now only the flowers will be in the flowerbeds.

It was so pretty outside that we grilled burgers and ate on the back porch. Then we walked 4 blocks to the local gradeschool and played on their playground. I noticed that they put in a track circling the playground so parents can jog while the children play in the evening. They leave it open to the public until dusk. 🙂

Caleb loved this one and he even talked me into getting on it too.

This one was Caleb’s favorite.

Even Pawpaw Mike got into the fun and played.

I love my Saturday’s with Caleb. I already have big plans for next weekend. I also am making big plans for enjoying Isaiah when he gets here. I don’t know how I will manage it since he lives so far away but one way or another I will be a big part of his life. Did I tell you how excited I am that he is being born soon? 🙂


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