Nursing Covers for Isaiah!

Samantha is prepared to nurse Isaiah and since some members of society have a problem with mother’s nursing in public she requested that I make her some nursing covers. She looked at the Hooter Hiders online and they were $31 each. I made her 3 in less than 2 hours and it came to a total of $23 for all.

I found the pattern online and it was sooooooooo easy to follow. I used this pattern.

Pattern for Nursing Covers

The first one is my favorite.

Mike got so excited when he found this fabric in Joann Fabric Store. Ben loves the Avenger movie so we had to do one that he would like.

I can’t believe that I haven’t sewn for so long when I love to do it so much. Do you enjoy to sew too?


2 responses to “Nursing Covers for Isaiah!

  1. I wish i knew how to sew i have 2 sewing machines and dont know now to use them. I would Love Love Love to make a quilt 😦

    • You can do it. This one I just tied instead of quilting sections but I have actually quilted them before. Unfortunately I don’t have any to show for it. I gave them all away. I need to make one just for myself. 🙂

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