A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that my oldest Basset Hound Buford was acting strangely and I was afraid we were about to lose him. He had begun sleeping in the bathroom next to our room and wasn’t eating much. He seldom got up to go to potty outside. We were in distress of the thought of losing our sweet gentle Buford.

We changed his food and began feeding him canned food to entice him to eat. He loved the stuff. We put nightlights in every outlet in the living room and he moved back to his old bed.

Then the last two nights I noticed he was back off of his bed and Mike couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I finally realized that Mike had changed his blanket from the thick comforter to a lighter weight one. I had Mike put his blanket back  down for him and this is what we saw. Buford is the black and white one. Of course Max the camera hog had to get into the act too. 🙂


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