What’s New

I had full intentions of beginning this week with a new weekly menu and 4 new recipes but mother nature has different plans for me. Here in WV we are without power and the expected date for it to be restored is Friday.

We have a generator to keep our freezer and fridge running. That is a blessing as we had a side of beef delivered 20 minutes before we lost power on Friday. I am excited about all of the new recipes that we will be trying with all of the meat. We have only had ground beef for several months from the meat we had delivered last July.

We have ordered a hog too but we won’t get it until October. We are down to one package of ham, one package of sausage and 2 little pork chops from what we got
last August. I miss the bacon the most.

I promise to get the new recipes up as soon as we have power again. Until them, everyone please stay cool and safe in this heatwave. 


One response to “What’s New

  1. Grace, stay safe and hope you get power sooner Friday. Wish I could invite you for dinner!

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