What I Have Learned About Myself and My Husband

This past weekend was a learning experience for both of us. I realized that I am not as prissy and high maintenance as my daughter thinks that I am. haha When the storm hit we lost our power for 2 days. I couldn’t dry my hair and was so glad that I had it cut short a couple of weeks ago.  For those that know me you are probably shocked that I would be seen in public without my hair fixed and make-up on. haha

I am so glad that I stockpile groceries. We had food and didn’t go without meals during the power outage. There were many areas that we were prepared in and many that we now know we have to step up to be better prepared next time. Living in a rural area of West Virginia there will be many more times that we are without power.

We had groceries but need to get a bigger generator that can handle a bigger air conditioner. We need to always have cash on hand. Many of the gas stations and grocery stores were accepting cash only. They weren’t being mean by doing this. They didn’t have a way to process debit cards.

We need to have more gas cans and have them already full of gasoline for when we need them. On Friday, my father-in-law needed a generator turned on quickly and luckily my neighbor donated his gas can in order to keep the generator on through the night. Without this my father-in-law wouldn’t have survived the night. He is on oxygen 24/7 and has a special bed that inflates and moves to prevent bedsores. He is totally bed bound now and very frail. Without the generator he couldn’t have breathed and he wouldn’t have had a mattress on his bed.

We also needed batteries. I had a ton of candles to burn but needed batteries for the large flashlight. Luckily we had plenty of dog food but we knew people who ran out of pet food and food for their farm animals. The farm supply stores didn’t have power so they weren’t open. Luckily the farmers helped each other out.

Mike and I loved to watch Man, Woman, Wild and he kept saying, “We could do what they do.” I never quite believed him but after this weekend I now believe that I could do it but am not so sure that Mike could. haha I don’t mean that in a bad way but he was very stressed this weekend. What I have learned over the years is that men are “fixers”. They like to fix things and be the one to “save the day”.  The entire weekend he never stopped thinking about how to fix things and make things more comfortable. He was not a happy camper. I reminded him that  we had each other, none of our family members were hurt, we had food and shelter. God brought us through the storm unharmed. One of our neighbors had a tree on his house and another across his above ground pool. We were only without power.

On Friday, I came home quickly because V&J Farms was delivering a side of beef to our house. They came and brought our almost 400 pounds of beef already frozen just 20 minutes before the storm hit and we lost our power. We were very blessed that we were able to rent a generator and save the meat. When we plugged the freezer in Saturday morning it was only 22 degrees so we never lost one ounce.

I am currently looking for new recipes to make with our beef to share on this blog. I am very excited about all of the possibilities. If you have managed to stick with me while I ranted about my weekend I appreciate it. Hopefully you can learn from what we experienced and can prepare yourselves to go through the hardship easier. Remember if you have each other, food and shelter you are truly blessed.


2 responses to “What I Have Learned About Myself and My Husband

  1. Im so glad to hear its on and everyone is ok. One thing about the oxygen. The provider he has should of left you with a back up system in this case it is mandatory if he has a concentrator there should be some back up tank system. providers also have after hours answering service for these situations. they will bring out enough tanks to last in the event of power outage. Cant wait to see your new recipes. Im waiting for my side of beef to dwindle down. I am going to another butcher tho, wasnt too happy with the last order.

  2. I just read this post, thankful that you came out of this virtually unscathed, it was, however, good practice, we should all be prepared to get through situations like these.

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