I was in the need of some retail therapy after work tonight so I happened upon a Goody’s store. I thought all of the Goody’s stores had closed in WV so when I stumbled upon one in St. Albans WV I was so excited. I walked into the store and took a deep breath feeling as if I had come home again. I do miss Goody’s.

Even though I have maintained my weight loss for 2 years I wonder when shopping for clothes won’t bring at least some confusion and anxiety. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love to shop for clothes. Perhaps too much to be totally honest but it is amazing how I naturally drift into the plus size clothing and suddenly feel comfort when I recognize those styles.

One thing that I had to purchase and I have been putting off is a bathing suit. I took three with me into the dressing room and decided immediately when I tried on the second one. I didn’t even give the third one a chance. I won’t say that I looked great in it. I am a grandma after all and spent most of my life obese so I will never look amazing in a bathing suit. The one that I bought stated on the tag that it was made to hide certain flaws and it actually did just that. Don’t even think of asking to see it. I promise not to torture my readers that way. haha

When I was looking at the bathing suits I would think, “this one is cute” and then suddenly I would notice it was a size 20. I had to rethink my options and open my mind to exploring other possibilities. When will I stop feeling more comfortable when I look at the larger clothing. Does this make any sense to anyone else? I just don’t get it. I am very happy with being healthier and more energetic. I just don’t always feel comfortable in my newer clothes.

Oh by the way. I also bought 2 blouses and a lightweight short sleeve sweater. I had my choices in my hand and when I looked down I realized that I had 3 red blouses and a red sweater. I had to exchange one blouse for a gray one of the same style and put one red blouse back. I do love red. I have a red briefcase, purse and long wool coat. Perhaps I should explore something in a nice lime green. hahaha

I think this weekend I will dye my hair. I have already bought the dye. It is red too. 🙂


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