My Weekly Menu For 7/15/2012

Last week I used my slow cooker all week long and it worked out perfectly for us. We tried and loved 3 new recipes. I shared one with you last week and will be sharing the other 2 this week. I have 3 new recipes to try this week. One I am a bit nervous about. It will either be wonderful or epic fail. I love chicken and dumplings and the new recipe that I am going to try to make I hope will fill that need for Chicken and Dumplings but yet remain low carb.

With the job that I have I travel all over the state and work in many different long term care facilities (nursing homes) as a Social Worker. I love my job and love going to work every day. The building that I have been working in for the last couple of months is very large and I am moving at a hectic pace all day long. Most people would hate this but I love it. I have found that I require more carbs than I have eaten in the past.

When I first got there I would frequently feel light headed and when I tested my glucose it would be too low (below 60) and I would have to eat something to bring it back up. I have increased my carbs and my levels are running usually in the 80s and 90s now. I know that when I am sent to a new building that isn’t this physically demanding that I will have to lower my carbs back to what they were. I can not express to you enough how important it is to always let your glucometer be your guide as to what you can eat.

This week for breakfast I will be having Zucchini Pecan muffins. For lunch I am eating lunch at the facility that they cook. It is wonderful to take this little break. The ladies in the kitchen are taking great care of me and automatically know which low carb vegetables to give me. One way that I have increased my carbs is that I am eating a banana with my lunch. This is helping with my leg cramps from all of the walking and is keeping my levels from dropping too much. When I first started eating their lunches my levels were round 118 or below. Now that I have been keeping up the quick pace my body has adjusted to the changes and with the banana I am still never over 92 when I test my glucose. If you are wanting to increase your carbs you will have to increase your activity and not just on the day that you eat them. It must become a daily part of your life.

This week I will have the following for dinner.

  1. Chicken and Dumplings- new recipe to come.
  2. left over chicken and dumplings
  3. Spicy Pot Roast- new recipe to come.
  4. left over pot roast
  5. Italian Wedding Soup- new recipe to come
  6. left over soup
  7. Out to dinner- We are taking Caleb to a dinosaur exhibit and then out to eat following. 🙂

For vegetables I will have the following:

  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini
  • celery
  • carrots
  • cauliflower

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