Sprint Phone

This is not a bashing post. I just wanted to share my Sprint experience. I changed my phone service provider back in March and my daughter talked me into changing to Sprint like she had. The Sprint people have got to be the nicest most accommodating people that I have ever experienced. No matter what problem I have had they have been so courteous and patient with me.

That said I am looking forward to my contract ending in 2 years so that I can switch providers. I know now that they have this very helpful map that tells you where you have coverage in your area. I wish that I had known this earlier. The problem is that I travel all over the state of WV  as a Social Worker and I have phone coverage in very few areas. Most of the time I can only get text messages during the day and some times I can’t even get that.

I truly wish that I didn’t have to change servers because the people at Sprint have been so helpful and nice. I just need better service. If you are thinking about changing servers I recommend that you check out this map to see if you have coverage before getting Sprint. I wish that I had. 


If you have coverage by Sprint I highly recommend that you sign on with them. They are the nicest company to work with.


3 responses to “Sprint Phone

  1. Have you tried to contact them to break your contract since you dont have the coverage? I am with verizon and have been for a very long time They have the best coverage. Not hAPPY with their new “upgrade fee” but i guess they all have it now

    • No I haven’t contacted them about it. They made it very clear that I couldn’t break the contract without buying my way out of it when I signed the contract. I figure this is just a learning experience for me.

  2. well wouldnt hurt to try i suppose since your job kinds depends on the coverage?

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