Isaiah Update

I don’t get to spend time with Isaiah since he lives so far away but Samantha does a wonderful job of sharing pictures every day. She has even skyped with me and I got to see him take a bath and get his pajamas on. It is not the same as being able to hold him and babysit him every Saturday but it is all I have and I hold onto every one of his pictures as a treasure. He is getting so big and is wonderful.  He is such a happy baby.

:::Sigh::: I want to hold him!!!


4 responses to “Isaiah Update

  1. Margie Andersen

    What a little cutie!!!!!

  2. You are holding him, in your heart! He is getting really big and sometime soon he will be able to visit you and Mike!

    • Sniff sniff. That is so true. I think I may have to make a quick weekend trip down to VA though. He isn’t supposed to come in until December. I am so glad that I have the pictures and videos she sends daily.

  3. He is so cute and getting so big.

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