Saturday With Caleb 7/21/2012

This past Saturday we took Caleb to a dinosaur exhibit in Huntington. I was worried to take him there because he had gone to Cabellas in Virginia back in March with his parents and Samantha and Ben. He saw a big black bear that had been stuffed and he was terrified. I had explained to him that there would be life size statues of dinosaurs but they weren’t real and he didn’t need to be scared. He quickly informed me that back in March he had been a little kid and now he was 4 and would not be scared.

Well, we get to the civic center and buy our tickets and start to enter the door and he grabbed a pole and said, “NO! I don’t want to go in.” Mike got down on the floor with him and talked to him explaining again that they weren’t real and he had nothing to fear. Several strangers stopped along the way and told him how pretty everything was inside and that he had nothing to fear but he was holding hard to that pole.

I walked over to the entrance and I could see this.

I motioned to them come and look that the dinosaur was purple and I laughed. He agreed to walk to the back wall and peek in but he was a good 25 feet away from entering the door. Once he saw that the other kids were walking right up to it he entered and quickly relaxed. That was the first crisis diverted. 🙂

Just 10 minutes later he posed for this picture.

This exhibit was really geared towards kids his age and they were running everywhere and having a wonderful time. We stood in line 30 minutes so that he could play on the big inflatable slide and playhouse. He entered the playhouse and quickly went up the ladder inside.

Then what happened next came unexpectedly. Caleb disappeared and then suddenly Mike was missing too. I began to panic and had other parents and grandparents helping me to find Caleb. I knew Mike was a big boy and could find his way back. Other kids were going up the ladder and down the slide several times and Caleb never came back out. Then suddenly Caleb appeared at the top of the slide.  He sat down and began to tear up and said, “Come get me.” I tried to get him to slide down but he refused. Mike appeared suddenly and told Caleb to hold on that he would get him down. A very nice man that worked there crawled up the front of the slide and brought Caleb down with him. PHEW Crisis number 2 diverted.

I asked Mike where he had gone and he said he had walked to the side where he could talk to Caleb through a window and had to coax him to go up to top of slide because he couldn’t come back out the same way that he had entered.

We decided after that to avoid all inflatable toys. Next we went to the “gold mines”.  They had tents set up and each child was given a hard hat with a flashlight on top of it.  “Gold” and stones were hidden inside the tents and the little ones had to find them. They were able to keep everything that they found. We hunt and hide Easter eggs almost weekly here so Caleb was prepared to find treasures in this tent.

We played miniature golf and he had a blast with this. I can see us doing this more often.

When we left you could tell that everyone had a great time.

Next we went to Logan’s for dinner and within minutes of leaving their parking lot Caleb was out like a light.  While at dinner he said he thinks if we cooked dinosaurs with a little bit of salt and pepper and some gravy on top that they would be good. He said we should have mashed potatoes with them too. I guess he doesn’t follow a low carb diet. haha

I guess this little boy will have stories to tell about how he fought off dinosaurs and survived the giant slide but for now he plans to stay away from them both for awhile. 🙂


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