Friday night we all went to the Cabell County Fair to watch Caleb show his goat, Alabama in the 4H portion of the fair. He was so excited and had asked me the week before if we were coming. I can’t believe that he would think we would miss it. We love attending the fair and watching him in all of his activities. I even have a t shirt that says, “Caleb’s Grandma” on the back of it.

We arrived at the fair and went to the stall where Alabama was kept. Caleb was all dressed up in his cowboy finest.

He entered the arena and spoke with the judges.

All of the preschoolers get a first place trophy. He was so proud of his.

The fair is over for Caleb this year. The preschoolers show their goats and they get to take them home with them. Next year he will have an animal that will be sold and I think he is prepared for that.  He has lived on a farm long enough now to know what goats, cows and pigs are raised for on a farm. He is quick to tell me which animals they plan to eat when I visit. I know some people think this is a hard thing to tell a child but whether you buy the meat in a store or from a farmer the meat comes from the same place. However, if you buy from a farmer it tastes so much better and if you get from someone who raises their animals as grass fed and not pumped full of hormones it will be much healthier for you too.



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