Stephen’s Boat

Yesterday Mike and I went out on Stephen’s boat with he and his family. We had a wonderful time. Caleb was so excited that we were on the boat with him and he never stopped talking. He reminded me so much of when his father and Aunt Samantha were his age and they never stopped talking either. Caleb sat in the back of the boat with me and Mike and pointed at everything along our 4 hour ride.

Mike was able to relax and get a bit of fishing in with Stephen and Caleb. Kristin and I just watched. I am far from a fisher.

Stephen and Kristin were our chauffeurs for the day.  Caleb said he likes having a chauffeur. haha

We packed lunches which were all healthy of course and made it to Charleston where they fished in front of the Capital. I love our Gold Dome.

So this is how we spent our Sunday. It is amazing how relaxed I am now that I have a new job. I can’t wait to be fully trained and on my own. Until then I will learn as much as I can as quickly as I can.  Life is good!


2 responses to “Stephen’s Boat

  1. wonderful, may all the blessings continue!

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