Surprise Surprise

Today was a fabulous day. Several of us showed up at my mother’s home today with all of the fixins for a cookout. My mother had no idea that we were coming so I showed up early and checked out our cook-out options. Luckily we had everything that we needed. We had 2 children running around and they were both so well behaved and neither wanted to go home when the time came. They also did not plan on waiting around for the rest of us when it came time to making their plates. 🙂

I made Creole Burgers and coleslaw for the hot dogs. Both were low carb. 🙂 This is my plate.

Donna brought a bubble blowing machine and the boys loved it.

Donna also brought a corn hole game and after the little kids played with the big kids took a turn. Everyone was happy.

We did not tell our mother that we were coming because we didn’t want her to cook and clean and wear herself out. So we all brought items to her house and had a fun afternoon in her front yard. So how did you spend your day?


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