My Weekly Menu For 09/30/2012

I know that I have been a very bad blogger for the past couple of weeks. I am just enjoying myself and my new job and working hard to learn how to sell life insurance. We have a financial advisor on staff to assist with protecting people’s retirement and help them invest wisely. I do love my job and I get to meet some wonderful people this way too.

I have already typed two new recipes to post this week so you can expect to see the first one in the morning. 🙂

I just got through making enough Triple berry muffins to last me 4 weeks for my breakfast. My home smells heavenly. I freeze 3 dozen and keep the other dozen in my fridge to enjoy during the week. 🙂

For dinner this week we will be having the following:

  1. Pizza
  2. left over pizza
  3. meatloaf
  4. left over meatloaf
  5. Buffalo Wings
  6. left over wings
  7. Steak

For our vegetables this week we will be having the following:  Well at least I will. haha

What are you having this week?

One response to “My Weekly Menu For 09/30/2012

  1. I joined this site because I was diabetic when I was pregnant. Now I’m hooked and can’t leave. Thanks for sharing your recipes and weekly menus. My family sometimes gets in a rut and to see the wonderful things you cook gives us new ideas. This week we are having spaghetti, baked chicken, chicken salad (made with the leftover chicken), hot dogs and pizza. Really simple meals, but everyone likes them. I am going to put meatloaf on the list for next week. Mmmm mmm it looks good.

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