Last week I was traveling in a very rural area of WV and I stopped at a restaurant that is well to us here in WV. I am not sure how many states Tudors is in but they are practically everywhere here. Anyway, they are known for their country cooking. Most country cooking isn’t low carb but I thought surely every restaurant has a salad now. So I entered the restaurant and looked at their menu that was on the wall. No salads were mentioned. The wide eyed young lady at the counter offered to take my order and this is the conversation that pursued.

Lady: Can I take your order?

Me: Do you have salads?

Lady: I don’t think so. Let me ask…..(turns to manager) Do we have salads? This woman is looking for a salad.

Manager: Yes we do have salads. We have a chicken BLT salad that is served on a platter.

Me: That sounds great. I will take that. What kind of salad dressings do you have?

Lady: (turns to manager) what kind of salad dressing do we have?

Manager: Italian or ranch.

Me: I will take ranch.

Lady to manager: How do I ring this up (looking at cash register).

Manager pointed at a button and I was told to pay $6.

My point is that this restaurant is in a very rural area that is well known for people having poor health and obesity being rampant. Wouldn’t it be great if they actually listed salad on their menu? I sat at my table and in about 15 minutes the lady brought me my meal. Isn’t this beautiful?


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