Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent a wonderful evening with my husband who is also my best friend. We went on a haunted tour in the Guyandotte area. We had three wonderful tour guides who were quite knowledgeable of the history of Guyandotte. As we walked along the streets after dark the cool crisp air kept us in the Halloween spirit as we stopped along the way to hear stories of Union and Confederate soldiers who had fought and died during the Civil War.

We learned of practicing witches that had lived in the area during that time and how they have been known to still haunt the area.  We were in front of one home where no one will live because of a bald man who likes to appear standing over their beds. At night in this home a large sound of something large falling down the stairs can be heard causing the people to not be able to rest peacefully. This home is now only used for storage. The spirit of the man who lives there is now believed to be visiting his neighbor’s home out of loneliness.

One home was absolutely beautiful. Each year a civil war reenactment is done in this area and the owner of this home offers his home to be a part of the day. Many stories of haunting come from this home as well. When the owner of the home has to go out of town his wife refuses to stay in the home alone.


We went to a local cemetery and heard stories of a woman dressed in black roaming the streets looking for the body of her husband who had been buried beside her but family had moved his body to another cemetery to be placed beside his second wife.  We heard three stories total in this cemetery. I loved the stories that were shared and it was wonderful to hear the historical facts provided by these wonderful ladies.

I have three pics to share with you from the cemetery. I can’t explain what had happened in the one photo. We had been told that quite often in this one particular corner of the cemetery that phones and camera batteries would often drain but I only got one slightly odd picture of the batch. You can decide for yourself. I am going to claim camera malfunction.

Along the way we had the opportunity to go into one home that has quite a story.  The home is believed to be haunted by a four year old little boy named Willie.  People believe that he often throws candy at people. We were even allowed to hear an EVP of the little boy saying, “I am scared. Mommy”  We were all in the dining room of this home and I heard something faint from another room. Suddenly three of the ladies who were providing the tour darted out of the room and this is what was found. Notice the bowl of candy on the table and then look at the piece of candy that is in the floor in front of the furniture.

We were able to walk throughout the home and to take as many pictures as we wanted. We were taken down to the basement and saw what had used to be the slave quarters. I had to use my flash on my camera down there because their was so little natural light.

As we walked back to where our cars were parked we had the opportunity to speak to two of the tour guides. Their group investigate paranormal activity in homes. They have the equipment that you see on the popular ghost hunting shows and they are very thorough in their investigation. They will do history on the home and will even look into the backgrounds of the people that are living in the homes to be sure that their claims are authentic and to give them a better picture of the situation going on in the home.

If you are interested in taking the tour that we experienced last night you can contact the Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours via their Facebook page.

Guyandotte Tour<– click there.


3 responses to “Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours

  1. sounds like a very interesting night, right up my alley. I wonder about the white shadow in your graveyard picture, camera malfunction, I think not.

    • Paula you would have loved it. It was a fun evening. I have always loved history and having not only ghost stories being told but historical data was exactly what I love. I have no idea what the picture is. I had one person blow the picture up and she said she saw a woman in the blur. I am not making any claims though. What do you think it is?

  2. I have been on one of their tours and it was awsome and very informative. Can’t wait to go on another!

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