My Birthday Breakfast

Last week I had a birthday breakfast at my mom’s home. My sister had surprised me by going to my mom’s home and bringing my grandson, Caleb and my nephew’s son, Cayden with her. I wanted to share a few pics from that day.

Me at Mom’s home

Mom and the boys

Boys playing in the leaves

Boys and Great Grandpa Bill

Sometimes a boy just needs a hand up and Great Grandpa Bill is always there for them.


4 responses to “My Birthday Breakfast

  1. love it, thanks for sharing! and to think in October you could sit with the door open!

  2. My open door leads out on a closed in porch, the boys had been watching 15 turkeys & 3 deer in an open field, Caleb was teaching Cayden to get down wnen the animals looked down at them, Lol What a wonderful day!!!! So glad it was warm, todays temp is suppose to be 77 then fall weather begins.
    The Birthday Breakfast was real nice.Great time had by all.

  3. What fun! Love your pictures. Thanks for sharing! And, Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy birthday Grace!

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