Sunday With Caleb

I had a wonderful day with Caleb today. He came around noon and we had a wonderful lunch of taco salad. His mom had told me that he had a late breakfast but you never would have known it.


He was such a funny little guy today.  He asked me, “Do know my Aunt Heather? This morning her smelled pretty and she gave me raisins.” haha It always amazes me what little boys notice during the day.

Later in the day he helped me make Cranberry Pecan Muffins and Blackberry Muffins to enjoy throughout the next month. He even tried the Cranberry muffins and loved them. He is definitely my grandson. haha

For dinner Mike grilled us steaks and zucchini with Parmesan cheese. While he was grilling Caleb thought he was playing in the dishwater but he was actually washing the dishes. hahaha I allowed him to play for at least 20 minutes. His little fingers were all wrinkled. haha

After dinner we played monkey in the middle in the living room and we brought out the yoga mat and he made my feet touch my head. He takes great amusement in doing this. I suggested that he do it to Pawpaw Mike and he said, “No he is too old.” hahaha The funny thing is that I am 5 years older than my husband.

I have to tell you the steaks he made for dinner were wonderful. He brushed them lightly with olive oil and then seasoned them with Essence of Emeril seasoning that I keep mixed in my cabinet at all times.  They were very good. Eating low carb while taking off a few pounds doesn’t have to be bland or boring.

So lets recap the day. I had a husband that made me dinner and a grandson that helped me make my breakfast for the next month and then he washed my dishes. I am soooooooooooooo spoiled and I LOVE it!! hahaha


One response to “Sunday With Caleb

  1. Sounds like a great day, Caleb needs a stool if he will be doing dishes again, make him comfortable & he will help you more,I know you have a dish washer. the pix are great, can mike come to great grandmas house your food makes me hungry.haha

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