Back In Time

Mike and I watched an Oprah Winfrey episode on when she and Gayle King went back in time to the 1600’s. We laughed and talked about how difficult the times were back then. Oprah had to talk Gayle into going with her to the Colony and experiencing what the early colonist experienced.

A few of the things that I would have struggled with include:

  • no toilet paper- Oh my goodness. For those of you who follow me on Facebook you know of my obsession with Cottonelle Double Roll Toilet Paper. It went on sale once and I had multiple coupons and I bought 98 rolls. Those were wonderful days. 🙂
  • no panties- WHAT? No panties? You have got to be kidding me. No wonder they had so many babies back then. hahaha
  • no bra- Oh my goodness!! They wore corsets to hold the girls in place but it couldn’t have been comfortable. Now all women reading this will admit that they look forward to taking off the bra each evening. Those of us without children at home will admit that the bra has to go within a few minutes of being home from work. hahaha But going without it daily? NOOOOOO
  • no indoor plumbing- no matter what time of the day or night you have to go into the woods or use a slop jar to relieve yourself. The older that I get the more that I get up in the night. Of course drinking all of the water to stay on top of eating a low carb diet and Diabetes doesn’t help with the needing to pee all night either.
  • chores- cooking a meal took more than 4 hours. Chores lasted from sunup until after dark. They said that there weren’t snacks and that they had all lost weight since getting to the colony. They never stopped working or had time to sit and relax. I had a wonderful older woman tell me once that people wouldn’t need to go to the gym if they just did chores and repairs around their homes. Looking back at time with this show made it perfectly clear how difficult it was and why obesity wasn’t as prominent in those days.
  • no privacy- The walls were paper thin and entire families were living under one roof in a one room home. Homes were only a few feet apart in order to be helpful to one another and to protect each other.  It made you wonder how those babies got created!! HMMM???
  • flies- Oh myyyyy!!! There were flies. The food, the people and the home were covered in thousands of flies. I have a bug phobia and the flies alone would have taken me down.
  • smells- The pigs smelled, the chicken coop smelled, the entire area smelled. I doubt they had Yankee Candles in the gingerbread scent available on each corner.

I would love to visit a place like this and see how they operate but I am so glad that I live in this era. We have it easy now just to survive. Eating is easy. We simply go to the store and buy what we need. We don’t have to grow the food, preserve the food and store the food in large quantities to get us through the winter. We don’t have to keep animals to get our own milk, eggs and meat. It doesn’t take hours to prepare food daily and many of the health problems from back then are not prevalent today.

I have no evidence of this but I would say that Diabetes wasn’t as prevalent back in the day either. I love being in this era though. We have choices. We can choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Best of all we don’t have to give up our PANTIES!!!! hahahaha


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